Upcoming Events

Clubs Days
Thursday and Friday
January 17th and 18th
10am to 3pm
SLC Great Hall

General Info Session
Monday January 21st
6pm to 7pm
MC 4064

Indoor Paintball
Thursday January 24th
6:30pm to 10pm
Flag Raiders Indoor Field

Election Night
Monday January 28th
8pm to 9pm
MC 4064

Indoor Airsoft
Monday February 4th
6:30pm to 10pm
Flag Raiders Indoor

Indoor Paintball
Saturday February 9th
10:30am to 4:30pm
Flag Raiders Indoor Field

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Welcome to the Waterloo Warlords Club website!

Please note: There will be a general meeting for all club members and for people interested in joining.
- Monday January 21st from 6pm to 7pm in MC 4064

The Waterloo Warlords Paintball Club was founded on October 10th 2010 at the University of Waterloo by Cameron Drever and Daniel MacKenzie. The purpose of the Waterloo Warlords Paintball Club is to gather students, staff and faculty to create a paintballing community at the University of Waterloo. Our aim is to educate those in the community on paintball practices and safety standards by holding meetings, practices, training sessions, social outings and paintball events.

The club has now expanded to include airsoft. In addition to developing a paintball community, we hope to develop an airsoft community. We now offer services and information for the two most popular tactical and military simulation games.

Our motto Take the HILL, is based off of the fundamentals of our style of play. We are always encouraging our members to take the path of Honesty, Integrity, Loyalty and Leadership.